Basic Design Services

NOTICE: We are not graphic designers or design professionals. We do most of our own design work, but we also work with a couple of very talented graphic designers when necessary.

Not every project requires a professional graphic designer so we are able to do some basic design work including video editing, image adjustments and manipulation, layout and copy.

Below are examples of our in-house projects. If you are interested in basic, affordable designs like these, please contact us through this link (opens facebook messenger to a business page for this specific service). If you prefer not to use facebook messenger, please send an email to

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Oct 2018 – Carpet cleaning facebook ad

2017 – Script and storyboard for this animated video

Oct 2018 – Carpet cleaning facebook ad Halloween

2017 – Scripts and storyboards for these animated videos.

2017 – Electronic Billboard Signs

2016 – Magnetic Van Signs

2018 – Courtesy Gift Cards

2017 – Business Cards

2018 – Business Cards

2018 – Holloween themed business cards for trick/treat event

2018 – Logo Design, Flier and Business Cards (including image manipulation)

2017 – Bi-fold brochure

2017 – Post Card

Oct, 2018 – Tri-fold church conference brochure

2018 – Image manipulation – combining aspects of these images