Hospitals, Dr. offices, HR departments, government agencies, law offices, even judicial courts and many other organizations all suffer from paper overload and varying requirements for record retention. We have scanned records for all of these industries freeing up valuable storage space for other uses and making their records instantly searchable and easy to access, share, find and use.

Affordable, hassle-free scanning provided by experienced professionals!
The best way to ensure you have quick, easy access to all your information at the click of a button or tap of a screen! Your boxes and filing cabinets become useable, searchable data saving you time, frustration, storage space and money!

Our Place

Choose to drop off your documents or have us pick them up, and we will scan them at our facility. You receive the finished digital files and we can either destroy or return the original documents.

High Speed

Capable of digitizing thousands of pages per hour, these machines scan mixed paper sizes from business card to 11″x17″ and even longer. We easily handle two-sided and multiple color variations.

Project Questions

Some of the questions we’ll ask when we discuss your project with you include:

  • How many records do you need scanned?
  • How soon do you need them scanned?
  • Your place or ours?
  • How do you want your files named and organized?
  • What are your needs for color options?
  • Do you need high resolution?
  • Are we returning the paper files to you or shredding them?


Your Place

Enjoy added convenience, security and peace-of-mind when we come to you! We bring all the necessary tools, equipment and people to complete your document scanning job at your location.

Large Format

For maps, drawings, blueprints, plans and other large items up to 44″ wide, we use large format scanners. Images can still be multi-page, color and in multiple format and resolution options.

Options & Add-Ons

Some of the add-on features we offer to enhance your digital files include:

  • OCR – text recognition
  • Additional indexing (for database or doc. management system)
  • Page-for-Page comparison to original document for accuracy
  • High resolution (default 200dpi)
  • Secure shredding of originals
  • Data backup
  • Re-assembly of originals


Investment (Costs) (click to expand)

Of course, the question everyone wants answered first: How much is this going to cost?

Digitizing your files really is an investment. It is an investment in security, peace of mind, accessibility, collaboration and the future. While some of our clients are working toward a ‘paperless office’, most have chosen to digitize their documents to free up office or storage space and protect against disasters like weather, fire and burst pipes.

Looking on document scanning company websites for pricing will likely lead you to the frustrating answer “it depends on…”. It’s true that to give you the most accurate price for your project, we need to know the answers to all the questions mentioned above. However, we provide you with general cost information that we hope will encourage you to contact us for a free custom quote. Remember, our most accurate and best pricing always comes from a custom quote so we can give you a flat rate that takes all factors and discounts into consideration.

That being said, here is how we calculate our scanning prices:

A standard bankers box is 15″ long and averages $200 with basic features (Moderate Prep, average file size, 200DPI, 1 Index/Name field, B/W)

A large bankers box is 24″ long and averages $300 with the same standard options.

Optional add-ons like: onsite scanning, OCR text recognition, more index/naming fields, color scans, more involved prep, re-assembly, more files (fewer pages per file) and shredding, require additional time and resources and therefore cause the cost to increase accordingly.

With a custom quote, you can take advantage of paying for exactly what your project requires as well as our volume and any seasonal discounts.