Reliable, Local, On-Demand Document Shredding!
Securely dispose your personal, business and customer information through HIPAA and FACTA compliant shredding services.
All shredding services are by appointment only and are usually available within 1-2 business days from when you contact us.


Choose to drop off your documents or have us pick them up, and we will shred them at our facility.

Periodic Purge

Do you store records for months or years and need to get rid of a bunch at one time? No Problem!


Enjoy added convenience, security and peace-of-mind when a shred truck from our WNC-based partner comes to you.

Recurring Pickups

For regularly schedule pickups, we offer a variety of collection container sizes and pickups schedules customized to meet your needs within your budget


  • By Appointment Only
  • Minimum Fee $10
  • 16¢ per pound
  • Credit/Debit or Cash
    (no change available)


  • Minimum Fee $25
  • 20¢ per pound or…
  • Small bankers box $7ea
  • Large bankers box $11ea
    (offsite shredding)


  • Office Console: $39 per pickup
  • 65 Gallon: $59 per pickup
  • 95 Gallon: $69 per pickup
  • Location and frequency will affect pricing
    (no long-term commitments)
Our document shredding services cater to local businesses and individuals who need small to medium sized, one-time, occasional or regularly scheduled shredding with by-appointment pickup or drop off usually available in 1-2 business days. Our shredding services occur at our facility. If you require on-site shredding, we can recommend a reputable provider.

Of course, the question everyone wants answered first: How much is this going to cost?

Shredding your files is very affordable.

Periodic Purges Schedule an appointment for a drop-off ($10 minimum) or pickup ($25+ minimum by location).

Flat-rate convenience:
 A standard bankers file box will cost $7 per box.
 A copy paper box will cost $8 per box.
 A large bankers file box will cost $11 per box.
 Other box sizes will be estimated as compared to this list.

Non-standard containers are charged by weight:

  • Drop off your files to be shredded for just 16¢ per pound. Drop off is by appointment only and the minimum is $10.
  • For just 20¢ per pound we come pickup from your location. A minimum of at least $25 applies to all pickups and may be more depending on your location.
  • We are available to move records from anywhere in your location to our transport vehicle or onsite shred truck for an additional fee. For example, recently we hauled over 150 boxes down from an attic through a 2ft x 2ft hatch.


For recurring pickups – You choose the size of the collection container and how often we pickup (empty the containers).

  • Standard collection containers start at $39 per pickup per container
  • 65 Gallon 2-wheel cart collection containers start at $59 per pickup per container
  • 95 Gallon 2-wheel cart collection containers start at $69 per pickup per container.

We work to customize a shredding strategy to meet your needs and budget by utilizing all resources available.

On-site shredding is available through a partner company. We can assist in scheduling or can refer you to work with a reputable on-site shredder directly.