We are excited to announce a new EAP Referral process!

Click the button to the right and:

  1. Select your referral type (self, supervisory, consultation)

  2. Choose date/time of first appointment (select from available times)

  3. Enter your information (the information of the employee coming to the EAP)

    *Use the appropriate box to enter referral reason and you can use the comments box to provide additional information. This info will appear in confirmation email (employee being referred will see the info provided in the comments box). **Referring Supervisors, enter your information at the bottom of the form in the provided fields. ***Be sure to provide email addresses and cell phone numbers.

This process is entirely electronic and lets you choose the date/time of the first appointment! You can schedule up to 10 days in advance. Only use this form for the first appointment in a referral. Your counselor will arrange followup appointments. Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance, else it counts as a no-show and takes away from your available sessions. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address your provide (for the person coming to the EAP) and a reminder text will be send the day of the appointment approximately 2 hours before the scheduled time. Your carrier/plan messaging rates apply*

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VIDEO – How to use the new EAP referral process

Make video bigger by clicking in lower right corner of the video.

If you are unable to use the online form, please contact us and let us know if there is an issue with the form so we can try to fix it quickly. If you cannot use the form, you may use one of the old referral forms below. Simply click on the form you need, fill it out and email it to us (you can fax as well if necessary). If you use a referral form below, we may contact you to find out if there was an issue with the booking form as that is now the main way to make an EAP referral and schedule the first appointment automatically.



Please follow the instructions on the form.
1. Complete the form – *for management referrals – inform the employee of the referral
2. Fax or email the form to us at 828-497-5782 or fax@getworkplacesolutions.com
3. A counselor will contact you (the employee) to setup your first appointment and provide directions etc.
*For management referrals, you may request that the counselor call you first for more information. The counselor will still schedule the appointment with the employee. Please ensure the employee is aware of the referral before submitting the referral information. We do not automatically or typically provide  status updates throughout the referral process unless the employee has missed 2 sessions. A final letter/report including any recommendations will be submitted to the supervisor (for management referrals only) once all available sessions are complete or the case is closed by the provider.